Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Palentine's Day: Because lots of people love you every day, especially on February 14th

The Palifesto:

I. Palentine's Day is about the following:

Telling your friends you love them a tonnage
Asking all your amigos to be your Palentine
Stars, cupcakes, paper airplanes
Dinner reservations/ a spot on the couch/a seat at the bar for multiple pals
High fives

II. Palentine's Day is not about the following:

Wishing you had a significant other
General negativity and sulking
Hearts, chocolate, flowers
Dinner reservations for two
Holding hands

Happy Palentine's Day. Throw a paper airplane, have a cupcake, and say cheers to hanging out with the people who will be around on 2/14/200everyyear

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